Facilities News

Stuart Gilbert joins Energy & Water Services as the Assistant Civil Engineer in Engineering & Utilities

Stuart will be responsible for developing and managing programs to achieve the implementation of infrastructure and services plans, reporting to Doug Doyle, Senior Manager, and work closely with the Mechanical Utilities unit.

Highlighting the hidden: Integrating operational infrastructure into the community

Recently, infrastructure design has shifted, with more focus on integration of these operational facilities into the urban fabric of our communities. This article by Stantec features UBC's new Water Pump Station — built to serve the water needs of the Vancouver Campus’ over-60,000-person population.

Infrastructure Development welcomes Asset Replacement & Improvements

Infrastructure Development is pleased to welcome the Asset Replacement & Improvements (ARI) — Transition Team and Construction Office to Infrastructure Development. This alignment will better integrate our teams to provide robust and timely project delivery, documentation and asset inputs that are critical to decision-making for Facilities, and provide improved customer service and greater clarity for the campus community.

Building Operations Stores team putting Lean Six Sigma into practice

As many of us embark on our Lean Six Sigma journey, the Stores team from Building Operations has been actively putting their learnings to work in applying their learnings to their workspace. The Stores team decided to 5S the front space of the Stores area — take a look at the before & after.

Mikhail Manaligod joins Customer Services & Informatics as Service Centre Coordinator

Mikhail joins us from Impark, with over nine years of experience, where he held a variety of roles specializing in customer service, account management, and data administration.