Facilities News

Drinking water fountains and bottle-filling stations are reopening

Starting mid-August 2021, the Facilities team will begin to proceed with un-bagging and flushing all the drinking water fountains and bottle-filling stations across the UBC Vancouver campus. Flushing the water will remove any stagnant water from the building’s pipe network system to ensure the water is kept fresh and the stations are ready for use.

Heat Stress Awareness course available

The Heat Stress Awareness course is recommended for all workers that are at risk of heat exposure, and for their supervisors to complete. The course was developed to increase your awareness of the risk factors and associated heat disorders related to heat stress. The course will also identify controls to protect yourself against heat stress.

Dean Gregory joins Building Operations as the Municipal Landscape Architect

Dean’s journey with the university began 13 years ago as the Campus Landscape Architect in Campus & Community Planning (C&CP). Dean has been instrumental in transforming both the UBC Point Grey and Okanagan campuses through the planning and implementing of extensive public realm plans.

UBC’s HVAC teams are making sure we can breathe easy

Over the past 18 months, learning, research, and work at UBC have been taking place remotely, wherever possible. But one group of people has diligently stayed on campus to keep its infrastructure humming through all this time: the teams responsible for ensuring that heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are functioning properly across the university.

Scott Stevens promoted as High Voltage Electrical Sub-Head in Energy & Water Services

Scott Stevens will be joining the Supervisory Organization of Electrical Trades with Energy & Water Services at the Campus Energy Center location. His role as Sub-Head starts on August 3, 2021.