A beautiful plaque for Professor Santa J. Ono’s reappointment

In celebration of Professor Santa J. Ono’s reappointment as President and Vice-Chancellor of UBC, the Facilities team created a beautiful plaque and presented it to President Ono.

The plaque was made from a previously salvaged door hardware from the Earth Science Building renewal in 2011. Building Operations’ Sign Shop knew just what was needed to restore its beauty and collaborated with the Carpentry Shop in creating this rescued piece of hardware into a beautiful plaque.

On the plaque is a quote from a famous western novelist Louis L‘Amour which reads,

“Knowledge was not meant to be locked behind doors. It breathes best In the open air where all can inhale its essence.” 

The symbolism of the quote is that UBC offers students, faculty, and staff the ability to open doors to knowledge in an inclusive and collaborative way, and UBC Facilities will continue to support these efforts.


Professor Santa J. Ono, President and Vice-Chancellor of UBC


From left to right: John Metras (AVP, Facilities), Jason Wright (People & Process Manager, Mechanical Maintenance, Building Operations), Lisa Mead (Sign Shop), Santa Ono (Professor Santa J. Ono, President and Vice-Chancellor of UBC), Raymond Lum (Carpentry Shop), Jeremiah Schneider (Carpentry Shop), Mike Laing (Carpentry Shop)