A friendly reminder to run the cold water taps to ensure water is fresh

As many buildings on campus have reduced occupancy, we want to remind everyone that running the cold water taps until the water is cold is an important step before drinking or using for food preparation. This will ensure the water is kept fresh for use and stagnant water is flushed from the building’s pipe network system. As always, please do not use the hot water from the tap for food preparation and/or consumption. For more information on drinking water quality, visit the Safety & Risk Services website.

Drinking water delivered by Metro Vancouver remains safe to use and continues to be treated, monitored and tested in accordance with provincial requirements. UBC Facilities continues to test our main water network to maintain water quality and ensure water flows without disruption to all of our buildings on campus, including residents.

How are we maintaining the water quality during this time?

  •  We are monitoring buildings that have reduced occupancy, and as a precaution, flushing out pipes that run through these buildings to maintain a fresh flow of water.
  • Water systems are flushed within the buildings at a target frequency of once every 3 weeks. Prioritization is given to research facilities and older buildings on campus.
  • Water valves are being tested within buildings that are unoccupied to ensure they are performing as they should, and not leaking when turned off and on.
  • The main water pipe network that runs underground on campus is tested weekly for a number of water quality parameters: free chlorine, turbidity, temperature, biologicals, etc. This testing is conducted regularly on campus.

For questions or concerns regarding your building or more information about the water quality on campus, please contact Building Operations’ Service Centre at 604-822-2173.