Building Operations

Building Operations is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all core campus buildings of the UBC Vancouver campus to ensure that spaces perform properly to enable excellence in research, teaching and learning. This includes all Electrical, Mechanical and Architectural systems in over 225 buildings of varying complexity and valued at $4.8 billion. Learn more.



Custodial Services

Custodial Services is responsible for the custodial care of UBC buildings. Our custodial team provides cleaning services and locking and unlocking of exterior doors, as well as set up for University functions and events including final exams and Congregation ceremonies. Our team operates 24/7 with staff working days, afternoon, nights and weekend shifts. Learn more.



Customer Services & Informatics

Customer Services & Informatics provides support for the units across the Facilities Group to operate smoothly and provide excellent service to our customers on the UBC Vancouver campus.

Our team serve as the connection between the university community, most notably, our Facilities Managers and Service Centre, who are the face-to-face representatives to many on our campus. Customer Services & Informatics also lead the software maintenance and development and organizational change management to help Facilities adapt and grow with our customers. Learn more


Energy & Water Services

Energy and Water Services manages and operates UBC’s utility assets, delivers utilities master plans and load forecasts, and associated capital upgrades. Our department includes the utility and district systems managers and operators with energy engineers and building management systems specialists to deliver reliable, efficient service and utility savings opportunities. Learn more.



Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Development is responsible for the planning, development, renewal, and renovation of campus facilities at both UBC Vancouver campus and Okanagan campus. We collaborate with campus stakeholders to create great spaces for people to teach and learn, conduct leading-edge research, and enjoy the life of the campus community. Learn more.



Municipal Services

Municipal Services is responsible for the health and well-being of UBC’s streets, fleet and public realm with a focus on providing a clean, accessible and enjoyable space for people to move, linger and connect to nature, and the campus community itself. The department includes the Streets & Operations Support Group, Waste Management, Fleet &Garage, Soft Landscape, and Stores. Municipal Services also provides moving services, event support, and extreme weather response. Learn more.

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