Asset Replacement & Improvement

The Asset Replacement & Improvements (ARI) is comprised of the Technical Review Team and the Construction Office. The Technical Review team’s mandate includes providing technical feedback and input during the design phases of major projects to ensure that the systems being built and handed over are maintainable for their lifespan and technical guidelines are adhered to (or variances requested and documented). The Construction Office is responsible for the successful delivery of smaller customer-funded projects for the University, primarily via coordination of in-house trades that perform the work. Learn more.



Building Operations

Building Operations is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all academic and administrative buildings on the UBC Vancouver campus, ensuring that spaces and systems perform properly to enable excellence in research, teaching and learning. This includes ensuring that University buildings within their portfolio are in compliance with applicable codes and regulations. Learn more.



Capital Planning & Development

Capital Planning & Development is a key department that ensures the University’s physical environment supports its academic mission and vision. It develops and manages the University capital priorities plan, which guides the planning, development and oversight of capital projects involving infrastructure (buildings, landscape and utilities) at UBC Vancouver, UBC Okanagan, and all other UBC owned and leased properties. Learn more.



Custodial Services

Custodial Services is responsible for the custodial care of UBC Vancouver campus buildings. The custodial team provides cleaning and sanitation services, restocking of supplies in washrooms, locking and unlocking of exterior doors, set up for final exams and provides water intrusion response. This team operates 24 hours per day Monday to Friday with essential coverage on weekend day and evening shifts. Learn more.



Customer Services & Informatics

Customer Services & Informatics (CSI) provides support for the departments across the Facilities Group to operate smoothly and provide excellent service to our customers on the UBC Vancouver campus. Our department serves as the connection between Facilities and the university community, most notably via the Facilities Managers and the Service Centre, who are the frontline representatives to many on campus. Customer Services & Informatics also leads software maintenance and development and organizational change management to help Facilities adapt and grow with our customers. Learn more.


Energy & Water Services

Energy & Water Services’ mission is to generate, distribute and conserve UBC’s energy and water resources in an open and transparent manner that maintains our customers’ environmental comfort, ensures system reliability, minimizes life cycle cost, reduces GHG emissions, and seeks out innovative solutions. We aim to reduce UBC’s consumption of energy and water, and eliminate our greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 through mindful stewardship of our campus energy and water resources. Learn more.



Facilities Planning

The Facilities Planning unit provides comprehensive planning services that support and accommodate academic and research growth and change at UBC while ensuring the best and highest use of campus space. Facilities Planners work to translate the physical space needs and functional requirements of the people in that space into reality, one which achieves an efficient and harmonious utilization of people, equipment, space, and energy. Learn more.



Municipal Services

Municipal Services is responsible for the health and well-being of UBC’s streets, fleet and public realm with a focus on providing a clean, accessible and enjoyable space for people to move, linger and connect to nature, and the campus community itself. The department includes the Streets & Operations Support Group, Waste Management, Fleet &Garage, Soft Landscape, and Stores. Municipal Services also provides moving services, event support, and extreme weather response. Learn more.


Project Services

Project Services is a dedicated group of professionals who provide project management services for renovations, renewals and modernization of buildings and campus infrastructure ranging in size from $50,000 to $100 million dollars. This includes a wide variety of capital projects ranging from classroom and lab renovations, building system replacements, accessibility upgrades, and public realm improvements to whole building renewals. Learn more.


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