Pest management


UBC Custodial Services maintains an integrated pest management (IPM) plan, defined as managing pests in a way that protects human health and the surrounding environment, and improves economic returns through the most effective, least-risk option. The IPM uses the least- toxic chemical pesticides, and minimal use of chemicals are used only in targeted locations and only for targeted species.

The IPM plan applies to all academic and administrative spaces maintained by UBC Facilities as per UBC Policy UP13 -Space Management Policy. This plan will be consulted prior to taking action on pest management in the building or on the building grounds. Pests include plants or animals that are detrimental to the property, a nuisance or health and safety concern to building occupants, or unwanted on the building grounds for other reasons.

The IPM Plan employs an approach to pest control which addresses every factor in pest prevention and eradication, including maintenance and sanitation, placing an emphasis on humane treatment involving recommendations to occupants on best practices to resolve the issue and using non-toxic and least-non toxic approaches in this respective order. UBC Facilities’ IPM plan considers damage to building integrity and building user health and safety in its application. The plan does not include any agricultural IPM applications and/or wildlife management services

From insects to rodents, we contract Pest Services through Ecopest Inc. to ensure the program is specific to the UBC Vancouver campus.

View UBC’s Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM)


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