Staff Excellence Awards


Through the Staff Excellence Award (SEA) Program, UBC Facilities provides recognition and rewards our staff who have consistently demonstrated excellence in the performance of their work and service to the university. All UBC students, faculty, and staff are invited to nominate one (or more!) of their clients or colleagues who, in their view, have achieved excellence in the Award categories inspired by our VPFO Strategic Plan.


Award Categories


Awarded to a group or individual that has demonstrated several of the following:

  • Exemplary collaboration, cooperation, reliability and flexibility within and between all levels of UBC Facilities, affiliated departments and the UBC community.
  • A willingness to share task responsibilities, provide support and show respect for other team members.
  • A high level of cohesion, participation and commitment to team and organizational objectives.
  • Has overcome significant challenges or obstacles to achieve a goal through perseverance and hard work. 

Leadership Development

Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated several of the following:

  • Exemplifies exceptional qualities of either a formal or informal leader or exhibits confident and empowered. behaviour throughout their work and leadership. Includes; accountability, respect, inclusion and professional development.
  • Leads by example; positively influenced/engaged others to contribute, to engage in equitable and inclusive practices and be respectful of others.
  • A motivating presence that inspires the people around them to accomplish more.
  • Actively shares responsibility, information and credit when working towards the achievement of a goal.
  • Provides leadership, coaching, mentoring, guidance, tools and trust needed for all team members to achieve their goals.
  • Exhibits outstanding abilities in planning, implementation, and impact evaluation.
  • Fosters a culture of service excellence through positive attitude and performance in the workplace.
  • Takes prompt action to resolve issues quickly and effectively.
  • Communicates in a manner that is fair, straightforward, honourable and open.

Asset Stewardship

Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated several of the following:

  • Makes significant contributions to maintaining and improving our assets and spaces in a sustainable manner.
  • Is invested in ensuring our spaces are safe, efficient and effective.
  • Makes contributions that have enhanced asset information, ensured safe maintenance & operations of our assets and increased asset sustainability.

Creativity and Innovation

Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated several of the following:

  • Contributes innovative ideas and/or facilitated an innovative environment where excellence and greatness have been enabled.
  • Makes contributions, develops or improves methods, processes and/or procedures through original thinking and creativity, with significant positive impacts within UBC Facilities, or within the University
  • Employs emerging technology and/or introduced new and meaningful ways to achieve new standards of efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.
  • Positively affects staff morale, productivity, budget, work quality, or customer service;
  • Demonstrates a strong commitment to teamwork, respect, a positive work environment and the highest level of achievement
  • Creates cost-effective, sustainable, inclusive and/or innovative work methods or practices that align with UBC VPFO’s strategic plan in providing inspiring spaces.

Customer Service Excellence

Awarded to an individual having demonstrated several of the following:

  • Provides a high level of customer service over and above their job description
  • Maintains a consistently high quality of service to their clients with particular commitment to inclusive practices
  • Exhibits strong leadership, cooperation and credibility with both internal and external UBC Facilities clients
  • Anticipates clients’ needs and potential problems, with an ability to pay attention to diversity and difference among clients, and deliver on-time and within budget
  • Maintains an efficient, professional, respectful and positive manner;
  • Consistently provides superior service and is willing to go the “extra mile” to find mutually satisfactory solutions.

Safety and Wellbeing

Awarded to a group or an individual that has demonstrated several of the following:

  • Leads activities and initiatives that promote the social, physical, and/or mental health and wellbeing of staff
  • Makes significant contributions to a safe, inclusive and healthy workplace where people feel respected, supported, valued and inspired.  Includes; work environment, health & safety, well-being, values and culture
  • Is dedicated to workplace health, safety and wellness and has contributed to tangible improvements in workplace environments, employee wellness, safe work procedures and practices, and accident prevention and reduction.

Inspiration: The Kim Nulty Award

Awarded to an individual who has a minimum of 5 years of continuous employment with UBC Facilities and has demonstrated criteria from a minimum of 3 of the other award categories —Teamwork, Leadership Development, Asset Stewardship, Creativity & Innovation, Customer Service Excellence and Safety & Wellbeing as well as:

  • Commitment to continuous improvement and development
  • Positively influencing others to build consensus around departmental and University initiatives
  • Supports respectful environments to enhance equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Leads by example to influence equity and diversity initiatives and the creation of a positive, inclusive, and respectful environments.


Please submit your nominations to the Staff Excellence Award Committee, referring to the specific award criteria as listed above. While it is not mandatory, you may also include supporting material such as client survey results, productivity statistics, performance records, safety records, and/or additional letters of support. There are no limits on the number of nominations an employee may submit; however self-nominations will not be accepted. Although the nomination itself will remain confidential, the nominator will receive confirmation of receipt of submission via email.

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