Charge out rates


UBC Facilities receives annual funding from the University administration to pay for core building repairs and maintenance. This covers items such as plugged toilets, burnt out lights, and too hot/too cold problems. For non-core services (e.g., renovation work and capital renewal work) and services to UBC ancillaries and tenants, UBC Facilities recovers costs through a charge-out rate.

Overtime, rates apply to any services provided outside a regular Facilities defined shift or on an emergency basis after regular shift hours. Efforts are made to notify the client in advance of emergency overtime requirements.

Charge-out rates for 2024/2025

The following 2024/25 hourly and overtime rates have been established for trades, custodial and municipal services:


2024/25 Regular Rate/Hour* 2024/25 Overtime Rate/Hour*
Custodial $49 $73
Trades $96 $141
Labourers $72 $102
Technical Specialists* $123 N/A
Project Coordinators $96 $141
Project Supervisors N/A $141

*For feasibility studies related to a customer funded requests such as a review of new equipment connections to base building systems. This enables Facilities to ensure base building infrastructure has the required current and future capacity to ensure systems are operating optimally.

Core services vs Cost recovery services

Core services are repair and maintenance work within university owned buildings.

Cost recovery services are services that are not part of the core services for university owned buildings (non-ancillary units).

If the repair or maintenance work requires a Trades person to complete the work and less than 15 hours in total, this is part of our Facilities zone team and your faculty/department will only be responsible for paying for the materials used on the job. Some ancillary units (Such as UBC Athletics & Recreation, UBC Bookstore, etc.) have service contracts which set specific rate for their needs, and are required to pay for both labour and materials.

Core services

Cost recovery services

Painting: Hallways, building lobbies and vestibules, building exterior, public washrooms, classrooms, graffiti clean-up, repaint after flood damage. Painting: Bookcases, offices, private meeting rooms, business unit lobbies, change of colour for aesthetic reasons.
Carpentry: Stained or damaged ceiling tile replacement, repairs after a flood (water damage), vandalism repairs, baseboard repair/replacement, hallways, public washrooms and building lobbies Carpentry: Building or assembling bookcases and/or cabinetry, hanging whiteboards, corkboards, pictures and shelves, modifying desks and assembly or disassembly and keyboards tray installs
Electrical: Resetting of tripped breakers, replacing ballasts, repair of base building electrical systems and equipment Electrical: Installing or modifying electric circuits for building tenants, installing or modifying building lighting for client requirements, installing or hardwiring equipment for clients
Plumbing: Repair/replacement of leaking or broken faucets, sinks and toilets, drain repair and clearing, base building hot water tank repair or replacement, if applicable lighting or repair to base building gas appliances such as furnaces and hot water tanks Plumbing: Install or connection of client supplied equipment, upgrading existing or installing new sinks or new faucets