Space inventory, mapping, and drafting



Space inventory

Facilities is responsible for the management of the university’s space inventory database, containing data for UBC’s approximately 54,000 rooms and over 1.6 million square meters of space across both the Vancouver campus and Okanagan campus. The space inventory team organizes, categorizes, and reports on the space to departments, both administrative and academic, that work in those facilities.

The space inventory data is used for reporting and capital planning. New building needs, plans for future buildings or the retirement of obsolete facilities, and the allocation of capital funding for repair and renovation projects all require the support of specific, objective measurements and quality analysis based on those measurements.

Room numbering

The space inventory team reviews the assignment of room numbers during construction and renovation projects in support of UBC’s Technical Guidelines.

Ensuring that each room is identified uniquely is an important aspect of managing our spaces and emergency wayfinding. If you think there are issues or errors with the room numbering in your building, or if you are unclear about the process of how room numbers are assigned, please contact us.

Space information requests

Information requests about the usage of campus spaces are handled on a case by case basis as the sensitivity and nature of the space and its occupants must be balanced against the nature of the request itself.

All space information requests should be directed to Karen Abel, Senior Manager, Facilities Information & Inventory Systems (FIIS).
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Keyplans and maps

Mapping technicians draft and maintain keyplans and campus maps using AutoCAD for UBC facilities, grounds, and infrastructure. Keyplans provide accurate, scaled space information from which the usage of campus facilities by departments can be properly estimated and planned. Base maps are the foundation for the development of many other types of maps that support current and future development on campus.

Keyplans are building floor plans created in AutoCAD from the As-built drawings submitted to Capital Planning by consultants. Keyplans provide precise room area information that is integrated into the space inventory database. The keyplans are also used as the base for other building wayfinding aids, such as the fire safety plans, an element of the Building Emergency Response Plan.

The drafting team works with teams across UBC Facilities to maintain campus maps showing campus features such as buildings, grounds, and infrastructure. Any of these features can be added to the base map in a variety of ways, such as a topographic representation that features gas lines. The campus base maps are used to develop other maps, like the UBC address map, which includes current and future campus development projects.
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Custom drafting

The mapping team is available for consultation whenever specific and unique mapping information is required. In the past, they have provided AutoCAD and GIS maps for community planning, emergency response services, and address maps showing particular buildings and the specific underground services nearby. All custom maps are available as standardized prints, custom-sized, or digital files. We are happy to provide estimates prior to any work being undertaken.
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