UBC Furniture Reuse Program


UBC Furniture Reuse Program is inspiring change and taking action to reach zero furniture waste.

UBC is a recognized sustainability leader that has long-supported climate action. The Furniture Reuse Program directly contributes to UBC’s Zero Waste Action Plan, Climate Action Plan 2030, and climate emergency declaration responsibilities.

By reimagining furniture waste as a reusable and valuable resource, the Furniture Reuse Program has kept over 1500 furniture items (51 garbage trucks) from disposal, avoided 95 (tonne CO2e) of carbon emissions, and saved over $900,000 in cost-avoidance.

The program accepts donations of gently used, surplus furniture from UBC Vancouver faculties and departments, and resells this furniture to the UBC community and broader public. The generated funds from the resell are used to recover operational costs. With your help, we can divert even more waste from disposal.

Our purpose

Diverting surplus furniture from the waste stream will contribute to the goal of achieving zero furniture waste at the UBC Vancouver Point Grey campus.

Buying furniture from the Program will lower procurement costs through cost-avoidance: the price difference between buying used furniture and brand-new furniture.

UBC practices the Campus as a Living Lab (CLL) model to promote a culture of continuous and iterative learning. Continuous improvement will allow the Program to implement a best practice approach to reuse programming, that can be scaled to other waste streams, and institutions.

The Program adopts the ethos of a circular economy by encouraging the reuse of surplus furniture.

Circular economies focus on reducing, reusing, recycling, and redesigning.

  • Reducing: GHG emissions are a consequence of consumption and production. Ask yourself, do I really need this?
  • Reusing: by reusing what has already been produced we can reduce waste. Ask yourself, can I rent it? Can I buy it second-hand?
  • Recycling: by dismantling end-of-life items into reusable components we lower GHG emissions and reduce environmental impacts related to landfilling.
  • Redesigning: Producing new items using post-consumer materials reduces our consumption of natural resources.

Waste creates environmental impacts related to air, land, and water contamination. Practicing reuse reduces consumption and production. The Program supports reuse and waste reduction actions by making used furniture financially attractive and convenient to buy.

Reusing furniture, we already have on campus, helps to reduce GHG emissions by necessitating the need to buy new furniture. Producing and transporting new furniture to market emits lots of GHG emissions into the atmosphere.

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Participation in the program

Who can participate?

Why participate?


  • UBC students, faculty, staff, and community
  • External public and private organizations
  • Members of the Public



  • UBC Faculties and departments

See Donating furniture to the program for accepted items.

  • Help UBC meet its zero-waste goals by keeping furniture out of the landfill.
  • Become a zero-waste champion.
  • Save on administration time. Our team will help facilitate finding your furniture a new home.
  • Save money by purchasing low-cost used furniture.
  • Avoid delays caused by supply chain issues.
  • Participate in UBC’s circular economy.
  • Support climate action.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.

If you have questions, please reach out to furniture.reuse@ubc.ca

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Obtaining furniture from the program

UBC Faculties & Departments

  1. Contact furniture.reuse@ubc.ca
  2. State the type and quantity of furniture you’d like
  3. A program representative will contact you to arrange inventory and furniture viewings and/or pick-up options

UBC Staff (taking items home), Community & Public

  1. Contact furniture.reuse@ubc.ca
  2. Visit the UBC Zero Waste Market

For individuals and external organizations picking up items:

  • Come prepared to transport your items at the time of purchase.
  • We do not hold items for future collection. Note that the Program cannot provide the labour or equipment to load purchases into your vehicle.

If you are living at UBC Student Residence, please inquire with your Residence Life Manager before purchasing or moving-in furniture/equipment from the Zero Waste Market.

UBC accepts no liability related to damage of personal property or injury, see Furniture Reuse Program Terms and Conditions.

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UBC Zero Waste Market

The UBC Zero Waste Market sells gently used furniture best suited for home use and small budgets, as well as some office supplies. The store’s schedule and opening hours are subject to change.

*Please check the store is open on the morning of your visit.


Ponderosa Annex E Room 127


  • Parking is available at the Fraser River Parkade
  • The entrance to Ponderosa Annex E via Lower Mall does not have a sidewalk.
  • To walk to Ponderosa Annex E use the sidewalk (red path in the map below).

Click to enlarge map


  • Cash and credit card sales are not accepted
  • UBC community and the public: Debit card ONLY
  • For UBC faculty & departments: Workday Internal Service Delivery

Collecting items

For individuals and external organizations picking up items:

  • Come prepared to transport your items at the time of purchase.
  • We do not hold items for future collection. Note that the Program cannot provide the labour or equipment to load purchases into your vehicle.

UBC accepts no liability related to damage of personal property or injury, see Furniture Reuse Program Terms and Conditions.

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Donating furniture to the program

The Furniture Reuse Program accepts freestanding furniture and a limited selection of accessories and office supplies from UBC Faculties and departments. Items must be in a good and saleable condition and will be inspected by a program representative for suitability prior to acceptance.

Accepted furniture & accessories (examples)

Not accepted (typically)

  • Seating
  • Storage cabinets
  • Personal storage towers
  • Pedestals
  • Desks and tables
  • Bookcases
  • Mobile whiteboards
  • Free-standing coat racks
  • Office supplies
  • Wall-mounted whiteboards and corkboards
  • Millwork (cabinets)
  • Broken or dented items
  • Ripped or very stained upholstery
  • Electronics
  • AV equipment
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Lateral filing cabinets

Unaccepted items can be donated through the UBC’s Reuse-it! platform.

How can I donate to the program?

The Furniture Reuse Program only accepts donations from UBC Faculties and departments.

1. Take photographs of items you wish to donate.
2. Email the photographs to furniture.reuse@ubc.ca detailing:

  • Quantity of each item type
  • Location(s) of the items
  • Timeline for removal

A program representative will make a preliminary assessment based on the photographs provided. Arrangements will be made to view your furniture if acceptance into the program seems likely.

What does it cost to donate to the Program?

Applying the Polluter pays principle, owners are responsible for paying the cost of decommissioning surplus furniture. For items accepted into the Program, this means the cost of transferring items from their current location to the program’s storage space(s).

Why donate to the Program?

  • Cost avoidance: donors avoid disposal costs/taxes and pay lower associated transportation costs.
  • Reduced administration time: program representatives do all the work to find your unwanted furniture a new home.
  • Climate action: rehoming items lowers UBC’s impact on the environment.

What happens to my donated items?

  • Items become the property of the program once they are accepted into storage. Items damaged during, or prior to, transportation will be redirected to the materials recovery facility.
  • Items will be sold, or otherwise redirected to new homes, at the sole discretion of the program representatives.
  • Some items, such as larger furniture may be sold directly from their existing location, please contact us for more details.

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Furniture Reuse Program Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all items taken from the Furniture Reuse Program and UBC Zero Waste Market.

By purchasing these items, you acknowledge that the items are used, and are being purchased by you on an “as is, where is” basis. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any and all warranties and representations in respect of the items are excluded, including any implied representations, warranties or covenants as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and freedom from defect, including defect of title. You acknowledge that the items are not under the manufacturer’s or any other third-party’s warranty, and if there is any such warranty, UBC is not responsible for assigning the benefit of such warranty to you. You agree that in the event of any defect in the items or if the items are unsuitable in any way or result in any damage, loss, physical harm or liability, UBC shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any loss, cost, damage, or expense of any kind or nature caused directly or indirectly by the items or the use or ownership thereof.

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