Renovation or maintenance

Request for renovation or maintenance

Please contact your Facilities Manager before engaging an external contractor, architect, or engineer for facilities-related work. External contractors and consultants are awarded through a transparent and non-discriminatory practice, in compliance with Canada’s competitive tendering laws and trade agreements. For more information on suppliers, visit Doing Business with UBC on the UBC Finance website.

To request for renovation or maintenance, please submit an online service request. Learn more about submitting a Service Request.

If you’ve placed a maintenance call and no one attends within 2-5 days or you are dissatisfied with the work, please contact your Facilities Manager.

If your call is a safety or security concern and it is not attended to within the same day, please contact your Facilities Manager for follow-up.

Construction Office

Renovation work valued at less than $50,000 is completed by UBC Trades through the Construction Office in Infrastructure Development. This is mandated within the University’s collective agreement with CUPE 116. Our trades have extensive knowledge of campus buildings and will ensure that university processes are followed. The internal hourly rate is comparable to that of external trade rates.

Project Services

Larger renovation projects with a total value greater than $50,000 may be contracted to external contractors through our project management office, Project Services in Infrastructure Developments. Project Services is a dedicated group of experienced professionals who provide project management services for renovations, renewals and modernization of buildings and infrastructure. This includes a variety of capital projects, which involve physical changes to the environment — whether above or below ground, inside or outside buildings, and accessibility and public realm. Learn more.

Request for space change

Every faculty/department is allotted a certain amount of space based on their academic or departmental requirements. When a space change is made within a building, Facilities Planning within Infrastructure Development must approve the project to ensure that accurate records are kept and that each faculty/department has the correct amount of space assigned to them.

For information on space modifications and request for swing/interim space, please visit Facilities Planning, Infrastructure Development.