Custodial Services


Custodial Services is responsible for the custodial care of UBC Vancouver campus buildings. The custodial team provides cleaning and sanitation services, restocking of supplies in washrooms, locking and unlocking of exterior doors, set up for final exams and provides water intrusion response. This team operates 24 hours per day Monday to Friday with essential coverage on weekend day and evening shifts.

The team performs a comprehensive floorcare and refinishing program for all applicable flooring in shared spaces. This extends to the annual carpet cleaning program that focuses on circulation spaces. They are also responsible for entrance matting procurement, maintenance and replacement in academic buildings and coordinate exterior window cleaning on a non-annual basis, which is dependent on the availability of funding.

Custodial Services ensures internal waste infrastructure needs are being met throughout the buildings by advising on waste requirements during building design for four main waste streams – organic waste, container recycling, paper recycling and unsorted waste. They also consult on waste requirements for new building designs, respond to changes to existing spaces and work alongside Campus & Community Planning and UBC Sustainability to ensure guidelines are met.

Utility Workers

Custodial Services’ Utility Worker teams perform minor maintenance and repair work on equipment and in academic buildings on the Vancouver campus. Such work includes:

  • Replacement of lamps and bulbs for a variety of regular and specialized lighting within and outside campus buildings
  • Minor maintenance on plumbing systems, such as, replacing washers and cartridges in waterless urinals, clearing plugged toilets or drains, and maintaining bio-degradable sewage systems
  • Dusting/cleaning ceiling areas, high beams, etc.
  • Assistance to other staff when clean-up is required, such as during water intrusion and provide assistance with snow removal during periods of inclement weather
  • Custodial equipment repairs

Pest management

Custodial Services is responsible for the Integrated Pest Management plan for the UBC Vancouver campus. This includes preventative maintenance plans that may include a combination of behavioral, biological, chemical, and mechanical methods to reduce pest populations to acceptable levels.

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