Custodial Services


Custodial Services is responsible for the custodial care of UBC buildings. Our custodial team provides cleaning services and locking and unlocking of exterior doors, as well as set up for university functions and events including final exams and congregation ceremonies.

Our team operates 24/7 with staff working days, afternoon, nights and weekend shifts.

Our vision is to be a high-performance team of empowered facilities professionals, dedicated to service excellence, recognized widely for leadership in sustainable facilities stewardship, and integral to the success of the University of British Columbia as it aspires to be one of the world’s best universities.

Cleaning to APPA standards

Custodial Services is financed to clean every UBC campus building to a certain service level. These levels are based on industry standards developed and published by the Association for Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA) and involve a sliding scale from 1 to 5.

Faculties who desire a higher level of service in their facilities should contact our team to determine exact needs and an appropriate charge for the service. We’ve developed a fully customizable custodial service package that can help us work with you to identify exactly what parts of your facilities you want services expanded, and an appropriate charge. We can blend service levels on different components of your facility, providing the exact service you need at a precisely determined charge.

Please contact your Facilities Manager for more information on this program.

Learn more about our cleaning services and frequencies