Asset Replacement & Improvement


The Asset Replacement & Improvements (ARI) unit is comprised of the Technical Review Team and the Construction Office.

Technical Review Team

The Technical Review team’s mandate includes providing technical feedback and input during the design phases of major projects to ensure that the systems being built and handed over are maintainable for their lifespan and technical guidelines are adhered to (or variances requested and documented). The team’s feedback helps ensure that known maintenance issues are not repeated on projects, while also making sure amendments are included in the UBC Technical Guidelines on items that present challenges for operational teams.

Construction Office

The Construction Office is responsible for the successful delivery of smaller customer-funded projects for the University, primarily via coordination of in-house trades that perform the work.  The projects that the Construction Office delivers directly and positively impact the day-to-day working environment of UBC’s staff, faculty, and students⁠—such as lab and office renovations, and requested upgrades to the existing mechanical and electrical systems within buildings. The separation of these customer-funded minor upgrade project requests from maintenance requests by our customers helps to ensure that maintenance funding is not eroded by the costs of elective improvements.