Facilities News

Craig Bissell joining Project Services in Infrastructure Development in the role of Project Manager

In his new role, Craig will work with clients, staff, consultants, and contractors to monitor all work, and manage funds and schedules required for the development and use of the University’s facilities.

Jason Asnis joining Project Services in Infrastructure Development in the role of Associate Project Manager

Jason will provide high-level administration and support to Project Managers working on multi-million dollar capital projects across the University, while also assuming full project management responsibility when assigned to smaller projects.

Self-Isolation and ending isolation for COVID-19

Information on ending isolation if you tested positive and are managing your illness at home have been posted to the Return to Campus and Contact Tracing section of our website. Self-isolation essentially means keeping away from others to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Conor Cregg-Guinan and Denise Tang step into their new roles as Acting Operations Manager in Custodial Services within Facilities

Conor will look after the dayshift custodial operation, and assist with design reviews as well as implementation of the units workloading/QA platform, while Denise will own all processes relating to contracted vendors and services, the utility worker crew, and implementation of the Custodial Services asset management plan.

Equity & Inclusion Office working to make washrooms on campus more inclusive, accessible

The project started in 2019 when the Provost’s office asked representatives from UBC Infrastructure Development and the EIO to meet with external consultants to conduct a campus-wide consultation on making washrooms safe and comfortable for everyone on campus.