Submit a service request


UBC Facilities manages service requests through Planon and requests submitted by faculty and staff can be monitored through Planon My Requests. For immediate assistance, please contact the Service Centre at 604-822-2173.

Submit a service request


Faculty or staff

The best way to contact our teams to help fix or improve your workspace is to engage your Building Administrator or submit an online service request. To submit a service request, you will need to have a CWL account and Service Requestor access in Planon and complete a Planon access form. To request access to Planon, submit a ticket to the UBC IT Self-Service Portal and attach the completed Planon access form to your ticket.

For building-related emergencies, such as floods, large leaks and blackouts, anyone can call the Service Centre on 604-822-2173.

Download the Planon access form

How do I find out the status of my request?

All service requests submitted by faculty and staff can be monitored through Planon My Requests on the Planon home screen. For faculty and staff without access, the customer service representative responding to your call will attempt to contact you to advise on the status of the work (i.e. complete, in progress, or awaiting parts). For concerns with the progress or quality of the work, please contact your Facilities Manager.

For more information and resources, please visit the Planon page.

The online system is easy to use — training is offered via Canvas on the Workplace Learning Ecosystem (WPL).

Students or visitors

If you see a space on campus that needs help, call the Service Centre at 604-822-2173, tweet us @UBCFixMySpace, or email us with the location and issue—and we’ll get it fixed.

From core maintenance to custom-built designs and minor construction, whatever your requirements are around campus, Facilites can assist you.

Our trades, custodians, labourers, project managers, professional engineers, architects, and management staff work hard to keep UBC’s grounds and facilities working for you.