Energy efficiency and cost savings during COVID-19

With reduced occupancy on the UBC Vancouver campus, building operators and energy managers are adjusting heating or cooling levels in spaces that have reduced or zero occupancy. This is an opportunity to ensure critical energy savings while maintaining a safe and healthy indoor environment. Researchers issued with an exemption to the curtailment of research on campus will have their spaces operate as normal and excluded from heating/cooling system adjustments.

In response to the evolving COVID-19 situation, the university has closed all but six buildings to the general public, and a number of buildings to staff and students at the direction of Faculty Deans. The reduction in heating or cooling will help the university save operating costs across the campus. Some of these buildings also have occupant sensors to detect whether or not a space is in use. With these restrictions and systems in place, Energy & Water Services will continue to monitor building performance and make adjustments as required.

For questions, concerns, or issues regarding adjustments in your building, please contact your Facilities Manager or the Service Centre at 604-822-2173.