Maintaining an ideal exam experience at UBC

On April 12, UBC Facilities’ Custodial Services and Municipal Services worked in tandem to set up exam spaces in Osborne Gym (OSBO) and Student Recreation Centre (SRC) in preparation for 2022/23 Term 2 exams from April 17 to 28.

Setting up an exam space is not an easy task — it requires hours of hard work and strict compliance with UBC’s exam requirements, especially with the setup of approximately 1350 tables and chairs and delivery of exam booklets, to ensure a fair and ideal environment for students to deliver their best.

The Municipal Services’ Streets & Operations Support (SOS) team moves items from UBC’s South Campus warehouse to both gyms, where Custodial Services’ Service Workers take over tarping the gym floors and laying out all of the items. During the exams, Custodial Services ensure the exam booklets in all of the exam spaces on campus are replenished. Ahead of the exam setup, Municipal Services’ Stores team also deliver pallets of exam booklets to various custodial rooms around campus.

Teardown of the exams will commence on the evening of April 28. Congratulations to all teams in Facilities for another excellent setup effort!

See photos of our teams in action on the VPFO Flickr.