Construction to begin on the Faculty of Applied Science Digital Design Studio

Construction: January 2024 until summer 2025.

Construction to begin in January 2024 on the new Faculty of Applied Science Digital Design Studio within the courtyard of the Chemical and Biological Engineering building. This new, student-centred facility will provide critical space for the convergence of design approaches specific to APSC disciplines and support the transformation of the design process to better serve the needs of society. The project will also offer a critical fabrication workshop teaching and learning space for the School of Architecture + Landscape Architecture (SALA).

What to expect during construction

  • A part of the CHBE Atrium will be closed off with a construction hoarding wall starting in January 2024 to separate the construction site from the remainder of the building as well as to mitigate noise transfer.
  • Heavy demolition work will commence in February and last 4–6 weeks. Users of the building will experience noise and vibrations as the existing Atrium wall to the service yard is demolished.
  • Throughout the course of the project, the service yard will be busy with construction and CHBE shipping/receiving traffic.
  • The project will communicate monthly on the lookahead for upcoming construction activity, with a focus on items that may be impactful to nearby buildings and activities.

For more information on this project, visit the project page.

For questions or concerns regarding the construction, please contact:

Noel McNally, Project Manager | 604-817-0588

Victor Wong, Project Coordinator | 604-619-0764

Jenny Black, Facilities Manager | 604-822-0077