About Us

UBC Facilities is responsible for the stewardship of UBC Vancouver’s physical campus assets. Three core operating departments manage the planning, development, operations and maintenance of facilities and utilities on the Vancouver campus, to provide a sustainable physical environment for teaching, learning, research, and campus life.

Facilities is part of the VP Finance and Operations Portfolio (VPFO). The VPFO provides strategic leadership and support for UBC’s academic vision by providing and delivering financial and operational management excellence. The ten departments in the portfolio are responsible for stewardship of all UBC physical and financial assets.

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Development provides stewardship for all institutional facilities projects in both UBC Vancouver campus and UBC Okanagan campus. They are responsible for major capital, including the planning, development, renewal, and renovation of campus facilities. Infrastructure Development collaborates with campus stakeholders to create great spaces for people to teach and learn, conduct leading-edge research, and enjoy the life of the campus community. For more information, visit Infrastructure Development.

Energy & Water Services

Energy and Water Services manages and operates UBC Vancouver’s utility assets, delivers utilities master plans and load forecasts, and associated capital upgrades. They are UBC’s centre of energy and utility system experts. Energy & Water Services combines utility and district systems managers and operators with energy engineers and building management systems specialists to deliver reliable, efficient service and utility savings opportunities. For more information, visit Energy & Water Services.

Building Operations

Building Operations is the operator of UBC Vancouver, dedicated to proactively and cost-effectively manage the operations and maintenance of all assets on campus — creating enriching and inviting inside and outside spaces. This includes maintaining and operating our lands, buildings, and fleet as sustainably as possible for the lowest total cost of ownership, and to ensure UBC remains at the forefront of improving our world. For more information, visit Building Operations.