Building Administrators package for COVID-19


Physical distancing packages have been distributed to Building Administrators in Faculties and Departments across the Vancouver campus. This package includes floor decals, tape, and links to guidelines for physical distancing in workspaces.

  • Directional floor tape: This tape should be used to mark directional flow of your workspaces so that people do not cross paths when walking through hallways and stairwells.
  • Low tack double sided masking tape: This tape should be used for any posters and signage going up on walls.
  • “Stand Here” floor decals: These floor decals should be placed 2-metres apart in areas where people are required to line-up or wait to enter spaces that have already reached maximum capacity (e.g., washrooms, kitchen areas, reception desks, and elevators).

Please ensure to only use the items included in this package on the walls and floors to mark physical distancing. The decals and tape in the package will not leave residue on walls and floors when removed, and have been carefully selected by Building Operations. Should you need to order additional decals or tape, please contact your Facilities Manager.

Effective barriers/Plexiglas®

Plexiglas or similar polycarbonate sheets are being widely used to create lightweight physical barriers between people at high volume locations.

  • The procurement of plexiglas should be ordered by the faculty or department.
  • Should you require ordering plexiglas for your reception area or office, please only order free standing plexiglas and nothing to be affixed to counter tops. Please use the supplied floor tape from Building Operations should you require tape to secure plexiglas barriers.
  • Building Operations has identified some recommended types of counter-top plexiglas that are available for ordering by the faculty or department:
  • For more information regarding effective barriers for work spaces, please refer to WorkSafeBC guidelines.


Handwashing and physical distancing signage are being installed across campus.

  • For more information on signage or to download posters for your space, please visit the COVID-19 section of the Safety & Risk Services website.
  • Signs indicating appropriate occupancy for individual elevators are being posted across campus by Building Operations.