Construction begins on the Laboratory of Archeology – Iona Building

Construction: Until Fall 2024

Construction to begin on the new Community Research Centre in the Iona Building Parkade Level Rooms B161 & B162 along with adjacent utility spaces. This project aims to create a new space for the Laboratory of Archeology Archives housing archaeological collections recovered from ancient villages & other archaeological sites. The new Community Research Centre will include an Indigenous Knowledge and Archaeological Analysis Wet Lab and a Community Research and Collaboration Lab.

What to expect during construction

  • Some initial noisy work to remove concrete and pour new structural concrete.
  • A laydown area is proposed in the internal below ground level parkade next to the work area.
  • Some road level activity will be evident with access via the Sommerville House Parkade ramp and Walter Gage Road.
  • Interior renovation of approximately 327 square metres of sub-basement space.

Upcoming activity noted as follows: 

December 1

    • Temporary power/panel upgrade

December 4–11, 2023

    • Concrete cutting for a new wall door opening to interior parkade wall
    • Interior demolition of drywall/stud walls, hallway flooring, mechanical equipment, and electrical items

December 11–22, 2023

    • Breaking up and removal of concrete floor slab interior parkade drainage trench excavation and new door openings. This will involve the movement of material from the parkade to street level truck/waste bin for carting away.

For questions or concerns regarding the construction, please:


For more information, visit the project webpage.