Infrastructure Development welcomes Asset Replacement & Improvements

Infrastructure Development is pleased to welcome the Asset Replacement & Improvements (ARI) — Transition Team and Construction Office to Infrastructure Development.

This is an exciting opportunity for ARI and Infrastructure Development. This alignment will better integrate our teams to provide robust and timely project delivery, documentation and asset inputs that are critical to decision-making for Facilities, and provide improved customer service and greater clarity for the campus community. We have an opportunity to work differently, to work more closely, and to transform into a more unified project delivery team within the Facilities Group.

Dedicated project teams in the Construction Office

Further to my Facilities update last week (October 6), we are pleased to announce that another key component of the new organizational structure for the Construction Office is now complete. Starting October 16, dedicated Architectural tradespeople will join the Construction Office. By creating small teams comprised of project-focused trades that report to Project Supervisors, the Construction Office will be able to streamline the process for project scheduling and delivery. The next phase of the Construction Office restructure will include dedicated Mechanical trades. We will let you know more about that change at a later date.

This new approach will bring both the Construction Office and the in-house trades dedicated to delivering projects to Infrastructure Development, creating a “one-stop shop” for all project delivery on campus, large and small, which better aligns with the VPFO’s strategic priorities and provides a more cohesive and aligned approach for our customers.

A more connected Transition Team

The Transition Team will continue to support and work closely with all of the departments in Facilities. The move to Infrastructure Development will better support our teams on current project administrative processes such as technical drawing reviews, record-keeping, commissioning, deficiency lists and handover to Building Operations, in addition to integrating VFA and condition reporting with overall project reporting.

The Transition Team’s mandate and priorities will not change with the move and the team will continue to actively support Building Operations and Energy & water Services, by ensuring that maintenance requirements are integrated into project designs and deliverables.
For your reference, attached is the updated organizational structure for the Asset Replacement & Improvements team. Please join me in welcoming the team to Infrastructure Development.


Click to enlarge ARI Organizational Chart


Please join me in welcoming the team to Infrastructure Development.


John Metras
Associate Vice-President, Facilities