New functionality live in Planon

Planon Release 3.2 is live effective November 1, 2021, introducing further new functionality within the Resource Planner and Service Requests.

Resource Planner users can now see select key certificates held by team members, rather than having to review in Workday. For all non-core service request submissions, the requirement of both a Driver Worktag and a Worktag Manager name was introduced. This provided greater security, and less billing allocation checks to be undertaken by Service Centre and Customers. Additional features included a notification to the Worktag manager when their Worktag was used on a Service request, and an Activity Worktag can now be optionally added to the billing details on a service request.

Planon is UBC’s Enterprise Maintenance Management System (EMMS). A cloud-based solution that supports UBC’s strategic goals, in the delivery of property, grounds and energy and water service; maintenance, inventory and asset management.

More information about Planon and EMMS is available on the Facilities website.