Metro Vancouver’s Watering Restrictions come into effect on May 1, 2022

Did you know that your lawn needs as little as 2 cm of water — equivalent to one hour of rain or watering — a week to stay healthy?

Stage one of Metro Vancouver’s Lawn Watering Regulations will be in effect from May 1, 2022 to October 15, 2022, as outlined in Metro Vancouver’s Drinking Water Conservation Plan. This year, both residential and non-residential watering is only allowed once a week, instead of previous years’ allowance of twice a week.

Our water use can increase by 50% in summer and early fall, largely due to lawn watering. The region wide watering regulations are an effective way to help us use our drinking water wisely. Metro Vancouver’s Drinking Water Conservation Plan includes restrictions on lawn watering as well as other outdoor water uses which are essential to managing the peak demands for drinking water during the summer period.

To find out when you are allowed to water your lawn, visit the Lawn Watering Regulations page of the Metro Vancouver website.