Gardenia Honório transitions into new role as Business Operations Manager in Customer Services and Informatics

Gardenia Honório has been made permanent with the new title of Business Operations Manager, within the Facilities’ Customer Services and Informatics team.

Gardenia was hired in September 2021 to temporarily lead the Facilities Service Centre and Clerical teams and will continue to do so in her new role. Gardenia is also responsible for leading the Staff Records team, supporting training and other important Facilities initiatives including onboarding, safety training scheduling, IT device management, etc.

Over the course of the year that Gardenia has been with Customer Services and Informatics, she has developed strong relationships in Facilities and was able to quickly learn the business processes in Workday and Planon which allowed her to support all groups in Facilities, and was instrumental in the success of the 2022 Facilities Expression of Interest program.

Gardenia brings a wealth of career experience from her previous positions in both Brazil and Canada, including nearly a year spent in the Facilities Service Center from 2019-2020. This experience, coupled with her experience in leading teams, delivering in-person, virtual and online training, using Learning Management Systems including Canvas, and developing and achieving KPIs, makes this role a great fit for both Gardenia and Facilities.

In addition to a degree in Corporate Communications from the Universidade de Brasília, Gardenia has completed the Human Resources Management program at BCIT, a PROSCI Change Management certification program, and most recently the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certificate. She is currently working towards her becoming Green Belt-certified.