2022 Facilities Staff Excellence Award winners

The UBC Facilities Staff Excellence Award Program provides recognition and rewards to staff who have demonstrated excellence consistently in the performance of their work and service to the university. All UBC students, faculty and staff were invited to nominate one, or more, of their clients or colleagues who, in their view, have achieved excellence in one of the award categories inspired by our VPFO Strategic Plan:

  • Asset Stewardship
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Leadership Development
  • Safety & Wellbeing
  • Teamwork
  • The Kim Nulty Inspiration Award

This year, we received over 60 nominations. The 2022 Staff Excellence Award selection committee had quite the task of reviewing the submissions. After careful consideration and intense deliberation, congratulations to the following 2022 Staff Excellence Award recipients:

Asset stewardship

This category is awarded to an individual who has made significant contributions to maintaining and improving our assets and spaces; and is invested in ensuring our spaces are safe, efficient and effective.

Andrew Allan, Plumber, Building Operations

  • Andrew was the driving force in getting aging and obsolete dry sprinkler system components to make it easier to maintain.

Creativity & Innovation

This category is awarded to an individual who contributed innovative ideas and/or facilitated an innovative environment where excellence and greatness were enabled; developed or improved methods, processes and/or procedures through original thinking and creativity, and employed emerging technology and/or introduced new and meaningful ways to achieve new standards of efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.

Adam Rosenthal, Head Tool Crib/Store Operator, Municipal Services

  • Adam applied his knowledge of Lean Six Sigma to Inventory Replenishment, making it easier to locate inventory and reducing the chance of out-of-stock.

Customer services excellence

This category is awarded to an individual who demonstrated significant contributions to; propelling excellence in customer service, improving customer experience throughout our community, anticipating and proactively meeting client needs and consistently providing superior service.

Sumi Naidu, Service Worker, Custodial Services
Tracy He, Clerk, Customer Service & Informatics

  • Sumi always goes above and beyond expectations which is a testament to her dedication and commitment to Facilities and the residents of the Geography Building.
  • Do you know who helps resolve payroll issues with grace and professionalism? That’s Tracy! She’s been the quiet hero providing assistance to those with payroll issues, whether it’s vacation balances or miscalculated overtime.

Leadership development

This category is awarded to an individual who demonstrated significant contributions to; fostering a culture of service excellence through a positive attitude and high performance, exhibiting confidence, empowerment and the exceptional qualities of a leader.

Clayton McMullen, Head Plumber, Building Operations
Jennifer Dick, Project Coordinator, Asset Replacement & Improvements, Infrastructure Development

  • Clayton has proven himself to be a great leader by helping his team adapt to the ever-changing environment and challenging times with a positive attitude.
  • Jennifer is an emerging leader, taking ownership of processes to help her team adjust to changes in systems.

Safety & wellbeing

This category is awarded to a group or an individual who made significant contributions to a safe, inclusive and healthy workplace where people feel respected, supported, valued and inspired.

Stan Takenaka, Head Electrician, Energy & Water Services

  • Stan has a keen eye for health and safety in the workplace and is an advocate for safe work practices.


This category is awarded to a group or an individual who demonstrated exemplary collaboration, cooperation, reliability and flexibility within and between all levels of UBC Facilities and the UBC community.

The Kaiser Team, Custodial Services
Avelino Lingal, Berma Bahena, Eduardo Tagulao & Lourdes Amigo.

  • Not only do they work collaboratively within their team but The Kaiser Team also help other teams and continue to provide outstanding service to the Kaiser Building.

Kim Nulty inspiration award

This award is given to an individual who is committed to continuous improvement and development, positively influencing others to building consensus around departmental and university initiatives.

Ana Boal, Head Service Worker, Custodial Services

  • Ana has proven to be not only an inspirational leader to her team but also a team player who looks out for the safety of others.

2022 Staff Excellence Award selection committee

  • Caroline MacLeod, Executive Assistant,  VPFO Administration, UBC Facilities
  • Richard Gee, Electrician, Building Operations
  • Sean McGregor, People & Process Manager, Mechanical Trades, Building Operations
  • Conor Cregg-Guinan, Operations Manager, Custodial Services
  • Gwendolyn Ramirez, Assistant Head Service Worker, Custodial Services
  • Kuldeep Malli, Head Service Worker, Custodial Services
  • Sean Lynch, Director, Custodial Services
  • Jeet Amritsar, Facilities Manager, Customer Services & Informatics
  • Kishani Gibbons, Director, Customer Services & Informatics
  • Blair Antcliffe, Energy Engineer, Energy & Water Services
  • Philip Brussé, Associate Director, Energy Planning & Innovation, Energy & Water Services
  • Tyler Cudmore, Utilities Steamfitter, Energy & Water Services
  • Carmen Raiche de Araujo, Staff Engagement & Client Relations Manager, Infrastructure Development
  • Jeremiah Schneider, Carpenter, Infrastructure Development
  • Natalie Wagorn, Assistant Manager Capital Projects, Infrastructure Development
  • Hoi Ying Yu, Contracts Manager, Municipal Services
  • Pedro Montilla, Labourer, Municipal Services


A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate their team member(s) and colleagues to recognize the amazing work they do. Thank you to the 2022 Staff Excellence Award committee for organizing this program and selecting the winners, and thank you and congratulations to all the recipients for all that you do and for your dedication to UBC!