Clayton Mullen joins Energy & Water Services as Senior Manager of Thermal Utilities

We are pleased to welcome Clayton Mullen as the new Thermal Utilities Senior Manager, Energy & Water Services, reporting to Director, Energy & Water Services, Siu Tse effective May 16.

As Senior Manager of Thermal Utilities, Clayton will bring thermal utility managerial and operational experience. Clayton will be working closely with Jason Rako, Plant Chief Engineer and lead the Thermal Utilities team to improve practices and processes. A First Class Power Engineer, Clayton has extensive experience and expertise with auditing thermal divisions and assurance, making sure our processes comply with regulatory and safety requirements.

Clayton joins UBC from BC Hydro as Capital Field Assurance Manager. Prior to working in Capital Projects, he was the Chief Power Engineer and Operations Manager for the Burrard Generating Station also with BC Hydro.

Clayton is well-learned and continues to have a love of learning. He has published works like his dissertation ‘Factors Influencing Canadian Power Engineers’ Decision to Pursue Advanced Certification’ and other peer-reviewed articles. He is also a member of various organizations including the Delta Mu Delta Academic Honour Society.