Parm Ubhi promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer in Energy & Water Services

Paramvir Ubhi has been promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer in Energy & Water Services for UBC’s two thermal energy plants as of April 15.  Parm will assist Jason Rako, Chief Engineer, in supervising the safe and efficient operation of the Campus Energy Centre and the Bioenergy Research and Demonstration Facility.

Parm will be learning about the variety of processes in each of the thermal energy plants and becoming acquainted with the crew members who keep the plant running 24/7. Parm will oversee the emerging Planon-based thermal plant preventative maintenance (PM) program and equipment/process reliability. He will take the lead in ensuring that thermal plant equipment is in top shape and that the crews have the resources needed to keep the plants ready to meet UBC’s emerging thermal energy demands.

Parm has been with the UBC Facilities since 2016, starting as an Operating Engineer in Building Operations. He has also worked in various roles such as Shift Engineer at the Campus Energy Centre, Day-Subhead and Chief Engineer of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Steam Plant, and, now, Assistant Chief Engineer of the campus’ thermal energy plants. He has also participated in the IUOE 115 Collective Agreement bargaining work as a Shop Steward.

Parm began as fourth-class power engineer and while working at UBC obtained his third-class power engineering certificate through continuous learning and gaining experience on large industrial equipment housed at UBC. He will continue to advance in power engineering by working to achieve second-class certification in his new role.