Joey-Lee Rebelo, Operations Project Manager – Change Management for Customer Services & Informatics

Joey-Lee Rebelo is the successful candidate for the Operations Project Manager – Change Management role in Customer Services & Informatics. This role is a temporary 18-month position while Deb Capps goes on maternity leave.

Joey-Lee joined UBC in 2019, supporting Facilities in two different roles — first as Office Administrator with Building Operations, and more recently her role as the Manager, Business & Support Services with Customer Services & Informatics. Joey-Lee will continue to support the Service Centre and Clerical Pool until we recruit for a temporary Manager, Business & Support Services position.

Joey-Lee and Deb have worked closely together on past initiatives such as the Expression of Interest (EOI) program, safety training, Workplace Learning (WPL), and the roll-out of both Planon and Workday. Joey-Lee also has strong relationships with the Safety & Risk Services (SRS) team, as she worked with the team for a number of months in 2019. Joey-Lee will continue to work closely with Deb through late August, up until Deb goes on maternity leave in September 2021.

Over the next 18 months, Joey-Lee will work with both Facilities and the EMMS project team to support the Facilities team with change management, learning and professional development. Notable upcoming initiatives include Planon rollout for Energy & Water Services and Building Operations Municipal teams, Safety Training RFP, and the Facilities 24/7 Operations Center. Joey-Lee will be responsible for all operational safety training and UBC required training, professional development (including the Expression of Interest (EOI) program), change management initiatives, and will work closely with the EMMS sustainment team on providing Planon refresher training to Facilities staff.

Joey-Lee has a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Education, and has completed the Professional Development Program (education & teaching) from Simon Fraser University. She is currently pursuing an Associate Certificate in Change Management from the Sauder School of Business at UBC.