Washrooms on campus during COVID-19


In order to reduce risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19, please limit the number of people in each washroom and respect physical distancing (2-metres) between yourself and others. For more information on working safely on campus, visit the Safety & Risk Services website.

Washroom usage

  • Close/lock stalls: Please include the management of the number of staff entering washrooms in the submission of your faculty/department COVID-19 safety plans. This information and work will be coordinated with Building Operations as part of preparing your building and space for re-opening.

Washroom signage

Soap dispensers/faucets installations

  • This request is currently unavailable due to limited funding and resources. The university invests annually on renewing washroom facilities including faucet installations, which will be replaced over time.
  • For all new facilities projects and renovations, the current standards are to install touchless faucets.
  • To request for a customer funded non battery operated soap dispenser, please Submit a Service Request to Building Operations.