MOA: Great Hall renewal project is proceeding

The Museum of Anthropology (MOA): Great Hall Renewal project is proceeding, and the dismantling of the outer walls of MOA’s Great Hall is starting this week. This work will continue into the Spring 2022, with construction of the new structure and skylight installations starting in the Summer 2022. The project is anticipated to be completed in the Fall 2023.

During the dismantling of the Great Hall, there will be increased truck, noise, and vibration in the area. Regular construction noise and increased vehicle traffic along Cecil Green Park Road from various contractors working on the project and delivery trucks will occur for the duration of the project.

While MOA’s Great Hall has been closed since December 2020, the rest of the museum and its galleries remain open to the public during this project.

Follow along and witness this impressive undertaking [View live webcam]



Winter to Spring 2022:

  • Site preparation
  • Dismantling of MOA’s Great Hall
  • Excavation work

Summer 2022 to Spring 2023

  • Construction of the structure
  • Great Hall skylight installation —double glazed sealed units

Spring to Fall 2023

  • Interior construction including structural elements, finishes, building systems installation.
  • Construction of the exterior outer wall

Summer to Fall 2023

  • Re-installing the poles that were removed from the Great Hall
  • Skylight replacement in other areas of the building—replacing all vaulted acrylic skylights with double glazed sealed units
  • Landscape remediation


MOA is considered to have important heritage value for UBC. The rebuild of the Great Hall involves a sensitive approach that will follow conservation principles that address both the heritage values and character-defining elements of the site and the building. Feedback from Arthur Erickson Foundation has shaped the architectural and construction approach to the project. When the project is complete, the rebuild of the Great Hall will retain the appearance of the original space to preserve its architectural character and heritage values.


For more information on this project, please visit the Infrastructure Development website.

For information on the public consultation and frequently asked questions, please visit the Campus & Community Planning website.