Charles Creelman returns to Building Operations within Facilities as Project Coordinator, Electrical Technical Support

We are pleased to announce that Charles Creelman is the successful candidate for the position of Project Coordinator, Electrical Technical Support (ETS) in Building Operations, effective September 16, 2022. 

Charles is returning to Building Operations from Energy & Water Services (EWS) where he was involved with the planning, design and overview of all short and long-range campus electrical utility systems, including the current UBC Main Substation switchgear replacement project. To ensure a smooth transition, Charles will continue to support EWS with this project until it is completed and will be transitioning his existing EWS projects to Richard Hugli over the next 6 months.

Prior to his role at EWS, Charles was a valued member of the ETS team at Building Operations for over four years. Charles brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from having worked with a variety of groups within UBC, such as faculty, UBC Properties Trust, consultants and contractors. 

In his new role, he will be performing a variety of tasks, which include assisting will all short and long-range campus electrical system planning, design and overview. Charles will provide the team with expanded bandwidth to advise on revisions to the Technical Guidelines with an emphasis on improving safety and reducing lifecycle costs. As Building Operations further develops preventive maintenance programs, he will provide procedural and technical expertise, as well as support in design review and Transition Team activities.