Aquatics Research Laboratories, Bio Sci Building

Project Snapshot

Occupancy: December 2012
Project Manager: UBC Project Services – Mike Champion

Project Summary

Biological Sciences South and West Wings were renewed to accommodate aquatic research labs. The basement was prepared for future aquatic holding facilities and was modelled on Vancouver Aquarium’s holding facilities.

The aquatics project built out the basement holding facility for warm and cold water fish species. The build-out included various sized fish tanks ranging from 20 litres to 5,000 litres, including life support systems and air compressors for the fish. The new walls and floors allow for regular hosing and were finished to Canadian Animal Care standards. Lighting controls were installed to simulate the circadian rhythms of day and night for the fish.

Sustainable features

Cooling of tanks is done through heat pumps, so water is not wasted. The energy is recovered and used to either heat the warm water tanks or heat the adjacent labs. Salt water is recycled for the salt water species.

All sterilization is done with environmentally sensitive equipment (ozone generator and UV). Any water dumped to sewer is filtered and cleaned, so no biological contaminants are in the water.