Conservation of the Haida House Roof

Project Snapshot

Project Manager: UBC Project Services – Karen Koyama

Project Summary

Project purpose: To replace the roof assembly of the Haida House and adjacent Mortuary House at the Museum of Anthropology (MoA), whilst maintaining the heritage features of the structures.

The entire roof assembly of the Haida House was deconstructed, with selective removal and salvaging of materials for reuse, while maintaining the poles and gable end walls in position. The reclaimed beams were reshaped and craned into position. A new roof assembly, consisting of salvaged and new rough sawn timber planks, was overlaid with a two ply SBS membrane roofing. This primary roofing membrane was strapped and clad with 36” long hand split shakes designed in collaboration with the MoA. A new skylight was installed and lighting modifications were made.

The adjacent, smaller Mortuary House also received a new roof assembly. The beams salvaged from Haida House were used for new roof beams for Mortuary House.

The conservation of the Haida House at the MoA received an Award of Honour from the Heritage BC Award Program, recognizing the achievement in the field of heritage conservation.