Yurt Installation UBC Farm


Project Snapshot

Budget: $80,000
Occupancy: January 2014
Project Manager: UBC Project Services – Dianna Foldi
Project Coordinator: UBC Project Services – David Kosub

Project Summary

Our clients at the UBC Farm needed a stand-alone multi-functional learning and event space – a pre-engineered, weatherproof, cost effective structure.

A yurt is a tent-like dwelling, originating in central Asia, and the yurt design was chosen as the ideal structure to address the UBC Farm’s requirements.

As an additional venue to house education and community outreach workshops and events, the Yurt serves many purposes, including:

  • Classes and workshops
  • Meetings
  • Children’s programming
  • First Nations programming
  • Private events and rentals.

The new yurt enables the UBC Farm to host and support more community outreach and educational events and workshops as well as to promote and raise awareness of the sustainable activities occurring at the farm. You can learn more by watching UBC Farm’s video.

The Yurt is comprised of a wall of poles upon which a lattice conical roof structure was built, also of poles. The roof was secured with a compression ring at the top and a tension band at the walls to prevent the structure from spreading. The lattice structure was then covered by layers of fabric and wood for insulation and weatherproofing purposes.

The Yurt is built to full BC Building Code snow and wind load, flame spread rating, envelope, and safe exiting requirements. View a timelapse video showing the yurt construction.

Sustainable Features

Minimal impact to site, use of natural materials such as untreated wood and canvas, low energy usage.