UBC Pacific Museum of Earth: Elasmosaurus skeleton

Project Snapshot

Occupancy: September 2018
Project Manager: UBC Project Services – Darren Wong
Project Coordinator: UBC Project Services – Kevin Phelan

Project Summary

UBC’s Pacific Museum of Earth commissioned Infrastructure Development – Project Services for the installation of a floating 13-metre long Elasmosaurus solid resin skeleton at the Earth Sciences Building atrium.  The PME, as part of its focus on illuminating Earth’s evolution, is developing interactive teaching and learning materials to bring the new permanent installation to life. The University’s natural history collections already house a Lambeosaurus skeleton (a duck-billed, hooded dinosaur) and Canada’s largest blue whale skeleton at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum.

Throughout the project, Project Services engaged with consulting company Cetacea Contracting Ltd. for the assembly and posturing of the skeleton and rigging company Pacific Industrial Movers to hang and install the piece in the atrium space.  The project scope also included the installation of a fire alarm beam detector by Sasco Electrical Contractors Ltd. for additional fire protection, as requested by UBC’s regulatory department.

UBC’s Elasmosaurus is made possible with the support of Wheaton Precious Metals. The Vancouver-based resource sector company also supported construction of UBC’s Earth Sciences Building. In June, the building’s five-storey glass atrium was named the Wheaton Precious Metals Atrium.