Applied One

Project Snapshot

Project Size: 328,300 gross sq feet / 30,500 gross square metres
Budget: $285 million
Status: TBD
Project Manager:

Project Summary

Applied One will be a new centre for the Faculty of Applied Science which will house integrated interdisciplinary maker, research and learning spaces, as well as a limited number of departments being consolidated from older buildings. The building is envisioned as a place where each discipline can welcome UBC students and faculty, first nations, and industry in ways that create new collisions and opportunities. Applied One’s goal is to demonstrate and advance integrated approaches to addressing grand global challenges in a way that compels new learning through social experience, creative exploration, and technical innovation and leads to cross-disciplinary improvements in the human condition and the planet. Applied One will organize learning and research activities into themes and grand challenges rather than by discipline. The themes around which Applied One will be organized are being developed as planning continues.

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