UBC / UNA Skatepark UBC Public Realm

Project Snapshot

Budget: $450,000
Occupancy: May 2013
Project Manager: UBC Project Services – Anita Ryder

Project Summary

The skatepark was constructed at the intersection of Thunderbird Boulevard and the Health Sciences Mall for the large number of skateboarders and other action sport enthusiasts on campus.

Project Services worked with the University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA), and UBC Transportation Planning to design a skatepark made of concrete and galvanized steel with an open snake-run bowl and a cantilevered quarter pipe amongst other features. The park caters to all levels of skateboarders, from beginner to advanced.

Sustainable features

The skatepark has a sustainable stormwater management system that collects and stores rainwater to irrigate nearby plants and help reduce campus erosion. The plants act to treat the water before it returns to UBC’s water system.

The project team salvaged three trees that could not be relocated but needed to be removed. The branches were sent to the Bioenergy facility, and the trunks are being stored by the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing for a future interior furnishings project.