Life Sciences Centre Heat Recovery Chiller

Project Snapshot

Budget: $530,000

Occupancy: December 2015
Project Manager: UBC Project Services – Ryan Huffman
Project Coordinator: UBC Project Services – Kevin Phelan

Project Summary

Project purpose: The reason for the project is to recover heat from the building, and inject it back into the central heating system. Recovering heat from various areas of the building, allows for the overall district energy required to be lowered — in essence to save energy.

What was done

Supply and install of a new four-pipe simultaneous-heating-cooling unit. This unit also acts as the first stage of cooling for the building, and thus, energy metering is done on both the heating and cooling side of the building. The cooling system in the building was also modified, and this new chiller acts as a lead.

Sustainable Features

Heat and energy recovery, and overall increase in chiller efficiency.