Forest Sciences Centre Haida Looplex X

Project Snapshot

Budget: $82,700
Project Manager: UBC Project Services – Darren Wong
Project coordinator: UBC Project Services – Kevin Phelan

Project Summary

The Forest Sciences Centre has a variety of occupants including the Faculty of Forestry, Forest Sciences, Wood Science, Forest Resource Management, Centre for Advanced Wood Processing & Centre for Applied Conservation Biology.

Larger than the length of an average humpback whale, the Looplex X is one of four fiberglass replicas of the traditional Haida red cedar log canoe “Lootas” or “wave-eater”, which was carved by the late Bill Reid and his team of Haida carvers for the 1986 World’s Fair in Vancouver.  The idea to suspend the Looplex X in the atrium of the Forest Sciences Centre was first proposed in 2013. At the time, 7idansuu (Edenshaw) James Hart, Haida master carver and Hereditary Chief, and his apprentices, along with Lawrence Günther from UBC’s Centre for Advanced Wood Processing doing wood restoration, were in the midst of restoring the replica canoe.  Once the canoe’s restoration was completed in 2015, Infrastructure Development, Project Services was commissioned to do the installation.