həm̓ləsəm̓ and q̓ələχən

Project Snapshot

Project Sponsor: Student Housing & Community Services (SHCS)
Project Size: 181,053 ft2
Budget: $50.122 million
Occupancy: September 2011
Project Manager: UBC Properties Trust
Architect: Hotson Bakker, Boniface Haden
Construction Manager: ITC Construction Group
Number of beds: 567

Project Summary

In 2011, Student Housing & Hospitality Services began working with the Musqueam Nation to name the new infill houses at Totem Park Residence, and educate students about the true history of the land they are living on. Through a collaborative naming and storytelling process, Musqueam gifted the names həm̓ləsəm̓ and q̓ələχən in 2011, and the name c̓əsnaʔəm in 2017, for use at Totem Park Residence. These are three of the place names within their territory. Further educational initiatives are underway to enhance the storytelling that is done at Totem Park Residence and to break down misconceptions held by members of the UBC community and beyond.

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