Lasserre 102 Theatre Upgrade

Project Snapshot

Occupancy: September 2016
Project Manager: UBC Project Services – Anita Ryder
Room capacity: 80

Project Summary

LASR 102 was in urgent need of a renewal as its AV system was at risk of failing and the furniture along with the physical infrastructure were outdated. To avoid major problems during the school year that could disrupt scheduled classes, LASR 102 was renewed over the summer terms.

The redesigned seating plan consisted of replacing the fixed wooden seats with long group tables and adjustable chairs. While the seating capacity of the space was reduced, the additional aisles and long tables better promote student interaction. The AV system was given a much-needed digital upgrade and power outlets were added for all seats. This was one of the first classrooms on campus to be outfitted with laser projectors, making this a huge step forward technologically-wise on campus. The room’s lighting and use of the Media Capture recorder can all be controlled centrally on the touchscreen control panel, providing instructors with more capability from the front of the room.


Comfortable furniture: Height-adjustable swivel seats provide flexibility and comfort.

Supports collaboration: Large tables allow small groups to be formed and swivel chairs allow students to communicate with peers behind and in front.

Easy access and movement in space: The centre aisle improves flow and promotes engagement. The modest reduction in seat capacity resulted in an increase of space per student.

New room technology: Wireless presentation is enabled in the space and a media capture recorder with an accompanying HD camera is available for the instructor to use. Laser projectors display content in high definition.

Spacious work surfaces: The large shared tables provide ample space for notebooks, laptops, and textbooks.

Sustainable building practices: Material selection strategies were used to promote cost-effective, durable, and low cost maintenance of the space.

Accessibility considerations: There are automatic door openers at the room’s entrances and multiple accessible seating options in the space. Compared to the old tablet seats, the new tables are ergonomic and suitable for right and left-handed students.

Project duration: June 2016 to September 2016