Food and Beverage Innovation Centre

Project Snapshot

Project Size: 9,522 gross square feet / 885 gross square metres
Budget: $9.77 million
Status: In design
Occupancy: 2024
Project Manager: UBC Properties Trust

Project Summary

The Food and Beverage Innovation Centre (FBIC) will be the core facility for the BC Ministry of Agriculture’s BC Food Hub Network, which is intended to improve local food chains for food security and human welfare and foster growth and innovation in the processing sector through improved industry access to facilities, equipment, technology, technical services, and business supports. The project is key for the Faculty of Land and Food Systems (L&FS), supporting the Faculty’s continuing leadership in food technology research. The new facility is designed to provide functional and flexible spaces that serve current functions and can be changed over time to accommodate future equipment, technologies, and processes.

The FBIC will be used for teaching and laboratory activities in food processing & engineering courses and will be used to incorporate new laboratory demonstrations and activities for students. The facility will allow successful graduates of the program to learn related hands-on applications of the latest technologies for producing nutritious, safe, and convenient food products.

The FBIC will also be a hub for collaboration with Musqueam with a goal to extend awareness of the benefits of traditional Musqueam foods and medicines in order to ensure sustainability of these important crops.